Freelite Rooflights specialise in the production of rooflights, skylights (sky lights) and bespoke roof glazing installations. We have 33 years experience manufacturing natural roof glazing products and are wholly irish owned and run, and we have formed a trusted partnership with the building and wholesale trade throughout Ireland.

Rooflight products manufactured at its manufacturing plant at Rosemount Business Park in Dublin are suitable for all flat and low pitched roofs and include thermoformed domes and pyramids, ventilators, insulated upstands that are made in 22 standard sizes and are made in Mk4 and Mk5 ranges.

Purpose made 'bespoke' rooflight and skylight products are manufactured and include pyramid skylights, pitched ridge skylights, 'A' framed sky lights, barrel vaulted sky lights, flat-planed, octagonal and hexagonal sky light types. A fixing service for the fitting of rooflights is also provided.