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Continuous rooflights

Continuous roofights allow for the creation of large roof openings.

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Bespoke rooflights

Bespoke geometric rooflight units for maximum light collection.

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Domed rooflights

Domed rooflight units in either domed or pyramid forms to suit.

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Flat planed rooflights

Low pitched, flat planed rooflights, with uninterrupted glazing for maximum natural light gain.

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Information is available on each of the product types by selecting the product from the slideshow above or from the main menu.

Freelite Roolights offer a wide range of rooflighting options which include the following:

Domed rooflights:  Available in single, double or triple skinmk5 rooflight with aluminium upstand and dome.jpg glazing options. The domes can be either domed or pyramidal and the units are available with ventilators and splayed plain or insulated upstands. MK4 type units consist of aluminium frames constructed from cold formed sheet. MK5 type units are constructed from extruded aluminium profiles. See the Domed Rooflight page for more information.

Continuous rooflights: CRU's are manufactured to suit special sized upstands cru at ryans hotel killarney.jpggenerally constructed by the builder or the CRU can be provided with an insulated aluminium upstand. Continuous ventilators are also available. There are also a number of glazing combinations available. See the Continuous Rooflight Unit page for more information.

Bespoke rooflights: These rooflights include pyramids, bespoke rooflight at institution in roscommon.jpghexagons, octagons, pitched ridge, 'A' framed, lantern, lean-to and other special rooflights. Rooflights of this nature are generally purpose made to suit the customer's specific needs and come in many shapes and forms and are not limited to the forms mentioned earlier. We can offer advice at the design stage of a project to help to achieve the full potential of the rooflight installation. See the Bespoke Rooflight page for more information.

Flat planed rooflight units: Rooflights of this nature allow for flat planed rooflight at stillorgan dublin.jpgmaximum natural light gain as the units can be constructed without intermediate glazing bars up to certain sizes. These units are generally clean lined and can be offered in a plain aluminium finish or powder coated to your RAL code specifications. See the Flat Planed Rooflight page for more information.

Rooflight options: There are many options available access hatch domed rooflight.jpgwith regard to glazing, access, ventilation etc. Hinged ventilators, access hatches, electric actuators, gas springs, burglar bars, intake and extract fans are just some of the options available. See the rooflight options page for more information.