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uv damaged cru rooflight drumcondra dublin.jpgFreelite Rooflights have many years of experience in the restoration and renovation field of rooflighting. The replacement of damaged and ageing rooflights and skylights on historical and more recently constructed buildings presents additional challenges compared to standard installation situations. Over the years we have encountered many different levels of rooflight deterioration and decay, all of which were overcome by our thorough understanding of the architectural principles of roof glazing. Freelite Rooflight's technical department employs fully qualified Architects that provide our customers with up to date professional advice.

vandalised domed rooflight at coolock school.jpgVandalism has become a common problem with many buildings and rooflights are regularly targeted by vandals. We have surveyed many projects where inferior materials were used in the construction of the original rooflights which facilitated their destruction by vandals. We provide a replacement service where the damaged elements are replaced by the use of our in-house adaptors and fittings.

Current Building Regulations require strict adherence to British Standards and other industry standards withbaggot st - uv damaged rooflights.jpg relation to Fire Regulation compliance. Fire Safety Certificate applications involving extensions to older buildings reqularly require the upgrading of the thermoplastic components of rooflights. Older Acrylic and uPVC thermoformed domes/pyramids do not satisfy current requlations and compliance requires the replacement of these elements with Polycarbonate or glass components. Freelite Rooflight's can offer upgrade solutions to ensure full compliance with Statutory Regulations. We can offer advice at the design and construction stages with regard to the selection of suitable materials.

uv  heat damaged domed rooflight tallaght school.jpgRooflights and skylights are by their nature located in very exposed locations. They are exposed to many different environmental factors that can affect the longevity of the product. Factors such as ultraviolet exposure, air bourne polutants, organic growth and varying weathering conditions all play their part in breaking down the integrity of building materials and components. The exposure of the thermoplastic glazing elements to ultra violet light plays a significant role in the deterioration of rooflight units. Freelite Rooflight's can replace the UV damaged thermoplastic components of any rooflight type with UV stable glazing materials to ensure long lasting light transmission and structural integrity of the glazing product.